Termite damage to homes is not covered by normal household or contents insurance. You can get coverage for fire, flood, storms, earthquakes and acts of God but not for termites which cause more damage in Australia than all of these put together.

Warranties for materials and workmanship are very important. You need to ask firm questions about the warranties offered by any termite prevention system claiming to provide termite protection for your home.

You should make sure:


  • how long a warranty is to last
  • whether it needs annual paid renewals
  • whether it needs annual paid inspections
  • what would constitute a breach of the warranty
  • whether there has been sufficient scientific testing to give you confidence the product has the qualities claimed for it

The Termimesh Termite Control Barrier has a warranty that gives protection and includes fixtures and fittings, for both builder and owner. With Termimesh you get a trusted warranty. . Note – The Termimesh Warranty is limited and conditions apply.