Termimesh Specifications

There are more than 100 installation designs and specifications to suit the many types of construction methods Termimesh encounters.

Buildings are complicated and seldom have the same specifications. Termimesh has authorised installation specifications which will cope with the differences.

These specifications are available to home owners, builders, architects and building designers by contacting us.

For example we have specifications: 

  • 21 types of Perimeter protection
  • 7 types of Service Penetration protection (Termistop)
  • 10 types of Zero Boundary construction
  • 5 types of Tilt-Up slab construction
  • 9 types of Retaining Walls
  • 5 types of Concrete Wall Construction Joints
  • 11 types of Abutting Paths and Driveways
  • 7 types of Rendered Walls
  • 10 types of Control Joints

Termimesh Accredited Installers

Installations of the Termimesh Termite Control Barrier can only be undertaken by Accredited and Licensed Installers. Termimesh has its own training and licensing scheme to ensure that installations are always of the highest standards.

There are seven levels of installer accreditation and all installers must pass both theoretical and practical tests at Termimesh training facilities.

Accreditation is valid for two years and the installers must be independently assessed to have their accreditation renewed.

A regular programme of independent quality control is undertaken of both the licensed outlets and the individual installers to ensure standards are maintained.

Architects and Specifiers

For specification and resources for Termistop click here