Termimesh History

Termimesh  was founded in 1990 and began research and testing the concept of using a flexible, stainless steel mesh, which would act as a physical barrier to termites . The testing was a resounding success.

The Termimesh success story:

  • The US Deparment of Forests was contracted to test and retest the ability of the mesh to restrain termites.
  • A Service Centre network was started in Hawaii in 1994.
  • Termimesh achieved endorsement through its SBICC accreditation.
  • Termimesh has been installed in many homes and commerical buildings in Hawaii and mainland USA.
  • Termimesh established a successful partnership with leading pest managers, ABC Pest Control inTexas.
  • Termimesh is recognised for LEED points under the Green Building Rating System.

Termimesh  service areas such as Dallas Texas, Houston Texas, College Station Texas, Austin Texas, San Antonio Texas, Orlando Florida, Tampa Florida and Honalulu Hawaii .

Termimesh also have operations in Australia, Japan and Singapore .