How Termimesh Is Installed

The objective of an effective termite barrier is to prevent concealed termite access from the soil. 

Subterranean termites nest underground and so homes are attacked from below .   

The first area to be protected is around plumbing pipes coming through the slab. A Termiflange is fixed to these pipes before the slab is poured and will imbed into the concrete sealing off the gap between the pipe and concrete.
Termimesh fitted to service pipe Service penetration termite barrier








The second area to be protected is the outer cavity of the home. Termimesh is installed in this area and fixed to the concrete slab with Termiparge. Timber wall cavity perimeter termite barrierTermimesh termite barrier parged to slab






In order to get in after the Termimesh termite barrier has been installed, termites must expose themselves in their mud-tubes on the outside of the house where they can be detected with a termite inspection.

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