Choosing a Termite Barrier

The things to remember when choosing a termite barrier are:

  • Risk - Use System that has a proven track record over many years and installations
  • Materials - The materials should be health friendly, last a long time and not be hazardous for you or your kids.
  • System - The termite protection system should be installed by people who know exactly what they are doing.
  • Longevity - You want the termite protection to last and not have to be re-applied or refilled every few years.
  • Selling your home - When reselling your home the buyer will want to know what you have done about termite protection. A poison-free system will add value.


Note -termite barriers are designed to deter concealed access by termites. Termites can bridge barriers and ongoing inspections are an important component of minimising the risk of termite attack.

To find out how to have the Termimesh Termite Barrier installed in your new home or added to your renovation contact us.